Standard Collections

Murrell Law works with clients in standard collections matters.  Whether you are a business creditor with large outstanding balances or an individual owed money by another, we can bring the resources of our firm to your side in pursuing the money you are owed.  There are a variety of ways to approach collections, from simple negotiations and settlement offers, to pursuing debtors with aggressive litigation through civil lawsuits.
Murrell Law also specializes in aggressively pursuing standard collection accounts, oftentimes in a purely contingency-basis without the client having to incur attorney’s fees.

quote markWhy Spend Your Hard-earned Time Chasing Down Delinquent Accounts?


Our firm is well-versed with the provisions and protections of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA).  The Act provides a wide array of protections for consumer debtors and it is surprisingly easy to violate the Act and be hit with substantial fines.  By involving Murrell Law in your consumer collections matters, we remove the burden and worry of violating the Act and aggressively pursue your money owed incompliance with the FDCPA. 

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