Civil Litigation

Prior to founding Murrell Law, I worked under a firm which specialized in civil litigation and family law; I gained substantial experience in those fields and continue representing clients in those areas today.


Family Law:

There is no area of law as personal to clients as family law.  These cases define the roles and rights of families, divide and share assets gained throughout a lifetime, and have drastic and long-lasting ramifications.  Many individuals attempt to represent themselves in family law matters, oftentimes resulting in severely disadvantageous court rulings.  It is critical to obtain guidance to assert your rights as fully as possible; and more often than not, to have legal representation at family law proceedings.  Murrell Law offers representation in a wide-array of family law matters, including custody, child-support, and divorce proceedings.


Civil Litigation:

There are many times when an attorney is needed to assist in asserting certain civil rights.  From contract disputes, to landlord/tenant matters, to cease-and-desist letters, the realm of civil litigation is vast.  From helping with negotiations or settlements to bringing civil lawsuits across the state of Florida, Murrell Law can help.  With our low hourly rate and client-focused billing practices, we often help resolve disputes for our clients without them incurring substantial legal fees.


Working as a Team:

We always believe in bringing as many resources to the table as possible when representing our clients and will bring other attorneys (even outside of the firm) onto complex cases when warranted.  When it comes to legal counsel, there can never be too many minds giving insights and thoughts on a particular matter, and this is an approach we pride ourselves on at Murrell Law.


We offer free consultations both through our office as well as entirely online.  Quality legal representation at an affordable rate, that is what we do!  … Contact us today to see if we can be of service to you.