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Murrell Law specializes in Association Law (Condominium and Homeowner), representing both Associations as well as residents in community-related matters.  Our firm has worked with numerous communities across the state on a variety of different legal issues.  Whether you are a resident with a seemingly small matter, or an Association looking for general representation, we are here to serve you and offer quality legal work at a very reasonable price.

One of the focuses of Murrell Law is Delinquent Assessment Collections, working with Associations to implement a customized strategy to recover unpaid assessments.  This is an issue that many communities across the state are facing and one which can paralyze the entire community.  An owner not paying their assessments is a problem felt by every resident, as ultimately the paying homeowners will be forced to susidize their unpaying neighbor.  It is critical that Associations develop an aggressive system of collecting on delinquent accounts and apply it uniformly to all residents.  Without such a system in place, the problem of delinquencies often snowballs out of control.  We help communities create and implement a uniform, fair, but aggressive collections process.  There are many legal mechanisms to recoup delinquent amounts, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution; each file is unique and requires its own analysis and customized strategy.  In our model, when we have a successful collection, the association receives all back-owed assessments, any accrued interest and late fees, and is even reimbursed for every penny paid to our firm.  Please visit our section on Delinquent Assessment Collections for much more information about this focus of our firm.

Another major part of our association representation is covenant enforcement.  This is another big issue that most associations face and something which can greatly be assisted by having a strong and uniform policy in place.  There are many nuances to the covenant enforcement which must be considered, and it is often critical to have your attorney involved.  See our detailed section on our covenant enforcement model (COMING SOON).

Murrell Law can assist Associations and residents in just about any community-related matter.  From issues as small as  board member eligibility, to complex legal situations involving zoning, city permit issues, amendments, corporate or property mergers, or legal situations likely to head to litigation, we can help counsel and represent the community or individual residents as far as the situation demands, including through trial and appeals.  For further information, or a free email-based consultation, please see our Contact Us  page.  We look forward to being of service to you!

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