Welcome to the website for Murrell Law.  We represent clients across the state in HOA/Condo matters as well as civil litigation such as landlord/tenant cases, family law and general collections.  Please visit our blog section where we update Florida residents on changes and important topics in the area of HOA/Condo law and provide a forum for immediate attorney feedback.

Murrell Law represents associations in both simple and complex matters that continuously develop in Florida’s widespread associated communities.  One of our main focuses is Delinquent Assessment Collections, utilizing Florida law to create leverage against delinquent homeowners in order to recover for the association every penny owed, including a reimbursement of all charges paid to our firm.  Many collections mechanisms are available, and each account requires a customized strategy.  Please take a moment to read our Delinquent Assessment Collections page to learn more about the basics of HOA/Condo collections and our unique approach and collections model.

Please visit our section on civil litigation for further information on representation with family law matters, contract claims, landlord/tenant law or other settlement or litigation-related matters.

We offer Free Legal Consultations to potential clients, accomplished through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or consultations done entirely through our website.  Thank you for visiting Murrell Law, we hope to be of service to you.



Civil Litigation
Quality legal representation at an affordable rate, that is what we pride ourselves on at Murrell Law. more...
HOA/Condo Law
Our firm has worked with numerous communities across the state in a variety of different legal issues. Whether you are a resident with a seemingly small matter, or an Association looking for general representation. more...
Standard Collections
Murrell Law also specializes in aggressively pursuing standard collection accounts, oftentimes in a purely contingency-basis without the client having to incur attorney’s fees. more...